Simplifed Pricing

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Simplified Pricing

Prices for all products include custom embroidery of your design (up to 12,500 stitches) when you purchase at least 12. There are no digitizing or setup fees. Our prices do not include shipping and if your design exceeds 12,500 stitches, there will be an additional charge. An estimate of shipping is available anytime you place items in your shopping cart.

It's Simple

We chose the simplified approach because it's easier and more straight-forward. Other suppliers may ask you to pay setup or digitizing fees. There may be an additional per-item charge for embroidery. And if you have a high stitch count design, you will probably have some type of additional charge for extra stitches.

Save Cash

The only way to accurately compare prices is to total all the charges for each supplier and compare the totals.

When you order more, the fixed cost of manufacturing per unit your order is lower and we pass the savings on to you. Our quantity pricing is clearly stated for each product.

Less Than 12

Embroidery is not included when you purchase less than 12 items. Should you need fewer than 12 pieces of embroidery and cost is not an overriding issue, we can waive the normal 12-piece minimum by adding a setup fee of $125.00 Should you decide at a later date to order the minimum of 12, your setup fee will be credited to you on that order.

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