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Stitch America Color Palette

Designers love to come up with new names for colors. Our products have thousands of unique color names and there are thousands of embroidery thread colors. To aid in searching and specifying, we've developed a universal palette that represents the basic unique colors of both products and thread. Product color names are still displayed as the designers intended but we use this cross reference to display swatches

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Our Colors

Black Charcoal Dark Gray Medium Gray Smoke Athletic Heather Ash Dark Navy Navy Dark Blue
Blue Cobalt Royal Blue French Blue Powder Blue Carolina Blue Sky Blue Light Blue Dark Slate Slate Blue
Placid Blue Heather Blue Cashmere Blue California Blue Aloha Blue Turquoise Aquamarine Aqua Blue Dark Red Crimson
Maroon Brick Red Orange Red Paprika Coral Shrimp Salmon Seashell Pink Cordovan
Burgundy Barn Red Geranium Rouge Red Azalea Pink Carnation Dark Pink Pink Light Pink Lipstick
Raspberry Magenta Hot Pink Flourescent Pink Forest Green Dark Green Green Kelly Bright Green Spring Green
Lime Pistachio Patina Green Light Lime Sea Foam Lake Everglade Teal Columbia Lagoon
Cyan Aruba Light Turquoise Glacier Mint Green Hunter Lichen Moss Bark Celadon
Bottle Green Cactus Clay Green Celery Olive Military Willow Golden Olive Flourescent Lime Safety Green
Gold Mustard Yellow Butter Light Yellow Vanilla Athletic Gold Flax Safety Yellow Deep Violet
Grape Violet Crocus Mulberry Lilac Orchid Pink Lavender Pink Mist Light Orchid Dark Purple
Purple Hyacinth Dahlia Violet Tulip Dark Lavender Amethyst Lavender Pastel Lavender Tangerine Burnt Orange
Orange Muted Orange Orange Sherbet Safety Orange Dark Brown Brown Chestnut Taffy Tawny Brown Sand
Buff Cocoa Tobacco Brown Golden Brown Honey Mustard Dark Khaki Khaki Tan Stone Natural