Questions About Digitizing?

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What Is Digitizing?

Digitizing an embroidery pattern is the process of creating a set of instructions that a computer controlled sewing machine (embroidery machine) uses to sew an intricate pattern of stitches that renders text and/or graphics into a sewn decoration, usually applied to fabric. Digitizing software is used facilitate this process. A digitizer is the person who uses the software and determines the order that each element is sewn and using what type of stitches.

Importance of Digitizing

Preparation of the embroidery pattern ("digitizing") requires an understanding of the different types of stitches and fabrics and how they work together as a medium and rendering. Athough digitizing software has become more sophisticated, allowing less skilled digitizers to produce designs, better designs are produced by experienced digitizers. Our designs and designers are top notch which means that your garment turns out looking great!


After a design is created, we proof each one to make sure what looks good on screen really works out as well once it's sewn of fabric. Any edits that are needed are performed and the design is resewn to make sure the changes produced the desired result.

Your Approval

Once the design meets our standards, we send you a copy by email for your approval. Only after your approval is your order moved to production. We will ship your order to you within five days of your approval. Please note that our digitizers only produce patterns for our use internally. We don't provide contract digitizing.

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