Over 12,500 stitches?

You have up to 12,500 stitches free on each design

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Design Over 12,500 stitches?

All our prices include embroidery up to 12,500 stitches per location. Most designs are considerably less than 12,500 stitches. There is an additional charge when your design requires more than 12,500 stitches.

Stitch Count Estimate

When you upload a graphic, we will respond with an overall assessment and an initial stitch count estimate. When you place an order, if your graphic is estimated to be more than 12,500 stitches, we will include an line charge based on the estimate. After you have approved your design, the line charge will be adjusted to reflect the actual stitch count of your design.

Reduce Stitch Count

To some extent, stitch count is a function of area. If your design includes a lage flat area of fill stitches, you may choose to let the garment show through to reduce stitches. Outlines use a disproportionate number of stitches so be careful about including too many outlines. Our design specialists will be happy to help you evaluate ways to reduce stitch count if you wish.

Excess Charges

Quantity Price
12,501-15,000 $1 per item
15,001-20,000 $2 per item
20,001-25,000 $3 per item
25,001-30,000 $4 per item
30,001-40,000 $6 per item
40,001-60,000 $10 per item
60,001-80,000 $14 per item
80,001-100,000 $18 per item
100,001-120,000 $22 per item
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