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Fast and Easy Reorders

Save money and time with our special reorder policy.

Easy Reorders At Stitch America!

It's as simple as this: order at least twelve items using a past design and we'll honor your original quantity discount.

In technical terms, you can reorder an item at the original quantity discounted price you paid. If you order at least twelve (12), there's no additional charge. If you reorder less than twelve (12), then there's a $50 reorder charge that entitles you to the original quantity discounted price.

Flexible Ordering

Maybe you realized that you forgot to order jackets for a couple of employees. Our Reorder policy allows you to order a few more while still getting the same great original price.

How To Reorder

If you'd like to place a reorder, please give us a call at (770) 537-4357 extension 1 and we'll be happy to go over your past order history and get the order process started. You can place reorders on the web. Just put at least 6 items in your cart and you'll get the reorder price.