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Patches are discontinued.

We currently no longer produce patches. This is a legacy page for informational purposes only.

Patches and Emblems

We no longer product patches. Sorry!

Patches can be an inexpensive and trendy way to display your logo. We have years of experience making patches and have worked with clients all over the world. We're patch and emblem experts.

Our patches are backed with a heat seal material that makes them each to apply. Just use an iron to press them onto any item. Of course, you can also sew them on if you prefer a vintage application method.

No Hassle Pricing

If you're shopping around, it seems you need a degree in math to simply calculate the cost. Our prices are simple, what you see as the price is what you pay. We'll even estimate the shipping cost during checkout, pretty cool huh?

We've simplified pricing to make calculating a price easier. Our prices are based on stitch count and stitch count only. There's a base charge for the first 12,500 stitches. Then add the the cost of excess stitches.