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Our Facility

We have small town roots and big city quality.

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Our Factory

In 2003 we completely refurbished our building. At the same time we also acquired three new embroidery machines to learn about changes in technology since we have purchased our last machine in 1999.

The new machines proved to be superior to our existing equipment in every way, particularly in the quality and accuracy of the rendering of the embroidery. To complete the refurbishment, in 2004 we traded our existing 90's era machines for new state-of-the-art Tajima 8-head 15-needle machines.

In 2012, we added our first Barudan embroidery machine to expand our capacity to sew a larger design. In 2014, we added another Barduan wide field machine. Our capacity is now 100 sewing heads strong.


One of the most important foundations of beautiful embroidery is proofing and sampling. After we digitize a design, we sew a sample to see how it looks. If adjustments are needed, we go back to the digitizing process and make the necessary adjustments. Then the sampling process is repeated. We also traded in our sample machine for two state-of-the-art Tajima 2-head 15-needle machines. At right our sampling machines are pictured.

Our People

Our embroidery operators are highly trained and experienced artisans, having worked in the sewing and embroidery industry for years. They are experts at hooping and at choosing backing and at maintaining optimal needle tension to ensure your embroidery is as beautiful as it possible can be. Without these skilled operators, the most modern embroidery machines can produce acceptable embroidery at best.


To embroider most anything the item must be stabilized in a hoop or some other device.To the right is a photo of one the industrial style hooping machines we use. Headwear cannot be hooped in a flat hoop so we special spherical hoops and special attachments for the embroidery machines when we embroider caps and hats. Hooping may seem like an incidental part of the process, but if an item is not hooped properly it is impossible to produce satisfactory embroidery.