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Custom Embroidery

Purchase at least 12 and your custom stitching is free.

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World Class Custom Stitching

We believe the quality of your custom embroidery with ultimately determine your satisfaction with your order. We carefully prepare and proof your embroidery design until we're happy with it, all the while making sure there's adequate density to make the embroidery look rich. Then we'll send you a proof for your consideration.

Once your satisfied and give us your approval, we'll carefully prepare and embroider your order. Our artisan operators will carefully monitor the needle tension on our computerized machines to make sure it's just right and looks perfect. We think you'll be highly impressed with the "world-class" quality of our custom stitching.

Custom Stitching

We operate Tajima and Barudan computerized embroidery machines with 8 to 12 sewing heads and 15 needles per head. Our Barudan machines are used for very large designs. For proofing our designs, we have 2 machines with 2 sewing heads each. Our machines total 100 sewing heads. Our machines are networked to our computer system which allows us to load designs with maximum efficiency.

Unlike many of our competitors who depend on contractors to produce their designs and embroidery, we operate our own digitizing studio and embroidery factory. This allows us to carefully control all aspects of the process which ensures the highest possible quality and responsiveness. We operate the most advanced equipment available.

Embroidery Included

Our prices include expert preparation of up to two designs and custom embroidery in up to two locations (minimium 24) so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Embroidery in a second location will make you stand out!

Our embroidery designs are for our internal use only. They are designed to be stitched on our machines on to a particular fabric so they may not work well on other machines or different substrates. In addition, our embroidery designs are proprietary as they are intellectual property that is a product of our skilled digitizers. All designs are property of Stitch America, Inc. and we reserve all rights thereto. Designs are not available for use outside Stitch America.

How It Works

  • Send us your logo for evaluation Send now
  • Choose a product
  • Enter your order
  • We prepare your embroidery design
  • We send you a proof for approval
  • We embroider and ship your order within 5 business days of your approval

Everything is done in-house by our experienced staff. Allow 1-5 business days for shipping. Ask your customer service rep about shipping options and the actual transit time to your address. You can start the process by sending your logo and we will send you an evaluation by e-mail.

How It's Changed

Before the Internet became a resource for all kinds of purchasing and shopping, you depended on a local promotional products distributor or local embroiderer and you were at their mercy to educate you about product availability and decoration options. Your rep depended on printed catalogs to show your options. Now, you can research the entire product universe from the comfort of your computer. You choose the product you want, send us your logo and shortly your expertly embroidered order will arrive just when you expected it.