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A great price up-front may turn out to be not so great...

Posted by Ryan Carden on February 26th, 2024

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When it comes to ordering custom embroidery online, hidden fees are everywhere. Frequently companies try to make their prices appear low on the product page, only to add extra fees and hidden charges when it’s time to checkout. Here at Stitch America, we decided to take a different approach. We use simple pricing. The price you see on the product page is the price you pay. If you order at least 12 items we’ll include free embroidery and if you order at 24+ we’ll even include free embroidery on two different locations! You can recieve a shipping estimate in our shopping cart for the most

One area where other companies sometimes add hidden fees is in stitch count limits. Most companies have a limit on the number of stitches per design and if you exceed it, there are extra fees involved. At Stitch America we have one of the highest stitch count limits in the industry of 12,500 stitches. We’ll even give you an estimated stitch count on your design before we begin production. This brings up a very important point. Always be aware of the stitch count limit and how many stitches your embroidered design is estimated to be.

Look For Hidden Setup Fees

Often times companies will add setup charges related to the digitizing at the time of checkout. Digitizing is the process of converting your custom logo, art, design, etc. into the file in which embroidery machines use to sew on the garment. This fee can vary quite a bit between companies and ranges from free to as much as $100 or more. We include embroidery for free on orders with at least 12 items. There are never any additional fees.

Most shirt manufacturers charge a little extra for XXL and larger sizes. If you need sizes in this range, it’s best to budget in a little more than you see the normal sized embroidered shirts are priced for. Often times there are also big and tall cuts of popular garments for custom embroidery. Sometimes the prices of these shirts differ a bit from the regular versions, so make sure and pay attention to the price.

Compre the Total Cost

When comparing prices, it’s essential to make sure and compare your total custom embroidery order cost. Tally up your entire order cost including the Individual items, any setup fees, shipping, overage charges, etc. This way you’ll have an accurate comparison when comparing prices between venders. Here at Stitch America not only do we have great customer service and world class quality, but I think you’ll find our prices for custom embroidered apparel are as good as anyone’s.

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