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A guide to sizing and placement options.

Posted by Ryan Carden on June 17th, 2024

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Ordering custom embroidered shirts can be really overwhelming sometimes. One of the most difficult aspects is knowing the specifications required for your custom logo and knowing how your design is embroidered onto your shirts. My goal today is to discuss the capabilities that we have for producing custom embroidered shirts, our placement options, as well as maximum size dimensions and a few other tips. I think you’ll find this information will help make your experience ordering custom embroidered shirts online, much easier.

Popular Locations

Our most popular location for shirt embroidery is the left chest. This is a timeless option that always looks great. The largest design our left chest hoop will accommodate is approximately 4.5" by 4.5" round. Since our hoop is round, we are only able to accommodate square designs up to 3" in width and height in the left chest location.

Another popular location is on either sleeve. For sleeve locations, max. length is 3.5" in width or height. Hoops for sleeves are also circular so square shaped designs will need to be a bit smaller. Usually sleeve logos remain less than 12,500 stitches, but there are a few exceptions. Generally speaking, text should be no smaller than 3/16 of an inch in height.

Other popular locations include right chest, back yoke (right below the collar), front center, and full back. Pay particular attention to your estimated thread count for front center and full back locations as these are the largest designs that we sew. Sometimes these locations can go over the thread count limit. Here at Stitch America our limit is 12,500 stitches, one of the highest thread count limits in the embroidery industry.

Final Words

We always include free embroidery on two locations when you order at least 24 or more pieces. We think that having two locations embroidered, really helps you get your embroidered shirts noticed. If you order at least 12 we’ll include free embroidery on one location.

Hopefully this blog gave you some tip and tricks for making your next online order for custom embroidered shirts. Keep this information in mind for the next time that your order custom embroidery online and I think you’ll have a much better and easier experience.

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